In The Red



As said by - James C. Colema in the book, “Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life (1984, Scott Foresman and Company, London, page 612), “throughout recorded history, wars have cost man dearly in terms of their inevitable accompaniments – death, mutilation, grief, destruction of material resources, privation, and social dis-organization. And over the centuries, they have become increasing costly and ever more destructive”.


There is a particular frisson in looking at the state of humanity in our modern civilization. With higher technological advancement honing human destructive elements; everywhere, all over the world, the red in us is being spilled and making our earth red-watt; and we cavalcade on it.


The traumatic events of World I  (where the death record of both civilian and military were about 37 million); World War II (which was considered the “deadliest military conflict in history” gulped about 72 million people); holocaust nuclear of 1945 detonation of “Little Boy” (nuclear weapon) at Hiroshima and Nagasaki (where about 220 people lost their lives and since then, thousands of more people have died from “illness attributed to exposure from radiation, released by the bombs”); populist genocide’s of Rwanda (where in 100 days 800,000 souls were disembodied); the war in Gaza and several others have shown that human beings are the greatest  threat to the future of humanity and its existence. In all these events, unquantifiable amount of blood from both human and animals were spilled on the earth.  Thus, humanity is mummified with red, and jumps in horror here and there. We as a people are holdup, hodgepodge and higgledy-piggledy.

Humanity is IN THE RED!!!